5 tips for cutting the cost of skip hire

5 tips for cutting the cost of skip hire

When faced with a pile of rubbish that needs disposing of, skip hire is a cost-effective solution. Although it comes at a price, the convenience of skip hire makes it worth the expense.

As experts in domestic skip hire, Wigan Skips can save you time and effort and help you to keep your costs to an absolute minimum. So, whether you’re looking for skip hire Bolton, Chorley or Wigan, you can relax knowing you’re in capable hands.

5 tips for reducing the cost of skip hire:

  1. Share a skip with neighbours

If you’ve too much waste to fit in your wheelie bin but don’t have enough to fill a skip, consider asking your neighbours whether they could benefit – and split the cost between you. Sharing a skip will reduce the need to fly-tip, helping you to avoid expensive fines, and saving you petrol to and from the local tip.

  1. Keep it off-road

Do you have space on your drive for a skip? If so, we can arrange to deliver the skip and save you money, as you needn’t worry about obtaining a permit from the local council to legalise skip hire in Chorley (which applies to skips left on the road).

  1. Separate waste

When it comes to getting rid of junk from a renovation project, be mindful of what you’re throwing out and the amount of space it’ll use within the skip. Any recyclable items or reusable materials can be disposed of separate from the skip – instantly freeing up valuable disposal space.

Any hazardous waste – be it asbestos, chemicals, paints and electricals – must be kept out as they require careful disposal and could contaminate the rest of the items held within the skip. For more information about what and can’t go in skips, contact the Wigan Skips team.

  1. Break down bulky items

All our skips have a weight restriction which enables us to lift them safely onto the back of our reliable fleets. Make sure you break down and flatten bulky items to maximise the space inside the skip. The more waste you can squeeze in, the better value you’ll receive.

  1. Don’t overfill the skip

When loading, start with large and light items at the bottom of the skip and compress these with heavier objects. At Wigan Skips, we only accept level loads as skips that exceed fill levels are dangerous to transport as materials could fall out and cause serious damage.

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Whether you’re looking for skip hire in Chorley, or any other area in the northwest, we can help you to keep your costs down. Feel free to get in touch with us on 01942 597 358 and we’ll happily share our expertise.

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