Why Can’t Plasterboard And Asbestos Be Put Into A Skip?

Until 1st August 2009, plasterboard could be disposed of with general waste, however, it now has to be disposed of separately.

There are countless reasons why plasterboard has to be kept separate when it comes to skip hire Standish and skip hire Hindley. The policy was updated by The Environmental Agency to protect the environment and banned plasterboard and asbestos from being thrown in the same skip as generic waste.


Regardless of whether you’re looking for skip hire Hindley or skip hire Tyldesley, you should never combine your plasterboard waste with any other waste your home renovation produces- it needs to be kept separate- either in a bag or separate skip.

Plasterboard and gypsum materials contain sulphate and hydrogen sulphide gas, hence why it’s to be kept separate.


The domestic and industrial skips we provide are suitable for almost any type of waste, however, plasterboard and asbestos are both materials that you cannot dispose of within your skip.

Depending on how much asbestos your project creates, you could benefit from investing in a second skip to ensure that you dispose of your waste effectively. If you’re looking for skip hire Hindley to facilitate immense volumes of waste, you cannot beat our range of skips, here at Wigan Skip Hire!


Plasterboard is one substance that you need to keep out of our skips because it’s harmful. In terms of disposing of hazardous waste, you can rest assured that the team here at Wigan Skip Hire will provide you with the most up to date advice for adhering to laws and legislations for safe hazardous waste disposal.

In addition to this, asbestos is another material that should not be thrown into your skip- this too is a hazardous material that can affect the quality of other contents inside the skip.

Mixing materials.

You should avoid mixing plasterboard, asbestos and gypsum materials with general waste. General waste can be collected by our fleet drivers and they will transport your materials to the recycling centre, ensuring that you’re preserving the environment and preventing any hazards.


Here at Wigan Skip Hire, we provide skip hire Standish to suit your specific requirements and to remove any unwanted junk from your premises. As well as this, skip hire Hindley is ideal if you’re looking to update your property by removing any existing furniture and installing new ones. The domestic skips we supply can accommodate various volumes, making them a reliable choice.

Asbestos requires specialist removal because it’s so harmful, this is one of the main reasons it should be kept out of your skip!

Choose Wigan Skip Hire for safe waste disposal- call 01942 597 358 today!

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