Enjoy Recycling at Home

Enjoy Recycling at Home

Sorting your household waste can feel like a bit of a chore. Of course, everyone knows that recycling is great for the environment, but it’s hard to keep reminding yourself of that.

However, it’s vital that we keep recycling in order to conserve the health of our planet. So how can you truly begin to enjoy recycling at home?

The team of waste disposal experts at Skips Wigan – providers of skip hire in Wigan and the surrounding areas of Greater Manchester and Lancashire – have created this article to offer a few tips on how you can get your whole household on board with saving the planet.

Make it Easy

When recycling feels like a chore or a hassle, it somehow seems much harder to keep up the good work. A great way to make the process smoother is to ensure that it is the easiest thing to do.

Instead of a single waste bin in your kitchen or utility room, why not invest in a few containers – each labelled according to the type of waste they are intended to hold?

Most local councils provide some form of recycling service for green waste, glass, plastic, metal and paper or card. Arranging an indoor bin for each of these categories will save you from having to sort your waste before taking it to your outdoor bins, making everything more intuitive.

Before long, recycling will be second nature to you and the rest of your household.

Turn it Into a Game

If you have younger members of your family or household, it can be hard to impress in them the importance of recycling.

In these cases, a little friendly competition goes a long way. Why not set up a tally chart on your kitchen chalkboard or on a large piece of paper, where each individual in your household gets a mark every time they put their waste in the right bin?

At the end of each month, give a special treat to the person who has recycled the most.

Not only will this make recycling fun, but it will also help kids to learn the importance of cleaning up after themselves.

Seek Suitable Alternatives

Of course, recycling isn’t just about putting things in the right bins. There is so much more you can do to stay green.

Getting rid of used clothes? Don’t just throw them away – take them to the charity shop or finding a recycling point at the supermarket or anywhere else locally.

Refurbishing your home? Consider upcycling pieces of furniture instead of scrapping them.

When you’re doing a big DIY project, think about arranging skip hire in Bolton, Preston or anywhere else nearby. Our waste disposal experts – providing skip hire in Leyland and across the region – will carefully sort your rubbish after collecting it, making sure that as much as possible is recycled and that very little goes to landfill.

Arranging skip hire in Chorley or any other area of Lancashire or Greater Manchester also helps in the reduction of air pollution – as we can collect huge amounts of waste in one trip – which is so much better than driving backwards and forwards to the tip and waiting in a queue of cars.

To find out more about skip hire in Preston or the local area, simply call our team today on 01942 597 358.

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