How To Get The Most Out Of Skip Hire

When it comes to disposing of any waste that your project generates, you can count on Wigan Skip Hire to provide you with an affordable solution. The skips that we provide for skip hire Chorley and skip hire Tyldesley are ideal for an array of applications, so no matter what you’re looking for, choose one of our Wigan skips today!

For the team of professionals at Wigan Skip Hire, no project is too big or too small, we can accommodate various volumes of waste, ensuring that your disposal is safe and efficient, here’s how you can use our skip hire Wigan services:

Updating your driveway.

Nobody likes their property to be outdated; the same goes for the driveway. When it comes to replacing your old drive with something more modern and professional, we can provide a skip that can store any waste that your project generates.

The domestic skips that we supply are ideal for your old driveway, providing you with sufficient space to install your new one.

Regardless of whether you require skip hire Tyldesley or skip hire Chorley, you can rest assured that we take care of the materials you dispose of within your skip, aiming to recycle up to 80% of all waste.

Maximising your garden space.

Our Wigan skips are exactly what you need if you’re looking to store your organic waste effectively. When choosing skip hire Wigan, our domestic skips are ideal if you’re updating your garden, they can reliably hold trees, grass and soils.

For skip hire Chorley, we can help you to keep your costs low- why not consider one of our smaller domestic skips?

If you’re expecting your project to generate slightly more waste than this, we can provide you with a larger skip, perhaps one of our commercial skips? These skips are significantly bigger and can hold more waste.

Renovating your property.

Whether you’re looking to knock through walls or to clear out your garage, one of our Wigan skips could provide you with a suitable storage solution for all types of waste that your project produces.

No matter how big or small your project is, we can help you to choose a suitable sized skip, ensuring that you get the most out of your skip hire. For your skip hire Wigan to be efficient, we recommend you keep any plasterboard or gypsum materials separate (either in a different skip or a bag) because these are recycled differently to other domestic materials.

Moving property.

Removing any unwanted material from your property needn’t be difficult. When preparing to move to a new house, you may discover a heap of old toys that are no longer used, why not take them to your local charity shop? Likewise, any old furniture that is in excellent condition can be taken to a charity shop where it can be reused.

If you’re looking to dispose of any unwanted furniture, toys or overgrown garden waste, look no further than skip hire Tyldesley. The skips that we provide are surprisingly spacious- even our smallest 2-cubic yard skip can fit one sofa inside! Our skip hire is tailored to suit your requirements specifically, so don’t hesitate to make an enquiry today!

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