All You Need To Know About Placing Domestic Skips

Hiring a skip is all well and good, but where are you going to store the skip? No matter what work you’re undertaking on your property, you need to carefully plan where to store it and Wigan Skip Hire can help!

When it comes to skip hire Wigan, you’ll find that our domestic skips are designed to store any domestic waste reliably, allowing you to clear any unwanted material from your premises. Before you hire a skip, you need to bear in mind how much space you have available.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a skip to store the waste from your garden project or home renovation, you’re sure to find affordable skip hire Wigan!

Here are some key factors to consider before you place your skip:

Storing a skip on private property.

If you have a driveway, we recommend you place your skips here, at least this way, they are not too far away from your property, making it easier to get rid of junk.

Storing a skip on your drive will make skip hire Chorley more convenient for you, allowing you to dispose of items quickly and store them safely on your private land.

When you hire a skip, you are held responsible for the skip itself and the contents held inside it, so storing it on your driveway will allow you to monitor exactly what goes inside your skip.

Keeping a skip on the road overnight.

Not all properties have access to a driveway and this is something that we understand, here at Wigan Skips. If you’re looking for skip hire Chorley but don’t have an abundance of private land, we can store your skip at the side of the road.

Placing domestic skips on the roadside will require thorough planning to ensure that your skip doesn’t cause a hindrance for your neighbours. Make sure that any skips kept on the road don’t restrict accessibility.

During periods of darkness, your skip needs to be visible. We recommend that you invest in safety lighting for your domestic skip, ensuring that vehicles (and pedestrians) can easily identify your skip before it’s too late! As well as this, you may want to place safety cones around your skip, preventing it from causing a hazard and reducing the risk of injury.

Obtaining a permit.

For any skips stored on the road, you’ll need to pay your local authority a visit! Skip hire is a cost-efficient method for disposing of any domestic waste, make sure that your skip hire is in-line with the law.

If you’re looking for skip hire Bolton, it’s advisable that you acquire any necessary documentation prior to placing the skip. This will allow you to understand what skip hire entails and where responsibility lies in the event of an accident.

Finding skip hire that’s affordable has never been easier; included in the cost of our skip hire Bolton services, you’ll find the cost of acquiring the permit from your local council. We can obtain the permit on your behalf, ensuring that you receive a hassle-free service.

Preventing fly-tippers.

Don’t leave your skips wide open to fly-tippers! Where you choose to place your skip is just as important as choosing the right sized skip.

A domestic skip that’s located on your drive is less likely to appeal to fly-tippers, however, we suggest that you keep it in eye-shot, preventing any passers-by from illegally dumping their waste inside it.

You can expect to be fined for any unsuitable or potentially harmful junk that’s found inside your skip, whether you placed these materials in your skip or whether these have been fly-tipped. To find out how to avoid being charged, get in touch with our team of experts today!

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