What do you need to know about skip hire in Wigan?

What do you need to know about skip hire in Wigan_

Are you looking to get rid of huge amounts of waste in one-go? What better way to do so than hiring a skip from Wigan Skips?

Our skips come in useful for many different projects, ranging from renovations, gardening, landscaping and property moves. Generally, if your project produces a lot of waste, you need a skip and we can guide and advise you to ensure you get the most out of your skip hire in Wigan.

Where to place your skip?

You can either place it on your private property or at the roadside, depending on which skip you choose and how much space is available, but you need to make sure there is plenty of space for our fleets to manoeuvre safely.

Our fleet drivers deliver the skip to your preferred location and ensure it’s placed somewhere accessible, without restricting access.

Do you need a skip hire permit?

When domestic skips are left on the road, you need a permit for your skip hire in Wigan, but this isn’t a problem for us as we can obtain it from the local council on your behalf.

To make sure your hire complies with stringent regulations, we arrange the paperwork before your project starts.

Which skip do you need?

Here at Wigan Skips, we supply a wide range of domestic skips including:

  • 2-cubic yard skips (fit 20-30 bin bags and 4 wheelie bins)
  • 4-cubic yard skips (fit 30-40 bin bags and 8 wheelie bins)
  • 8-cubic yard skips (fit 60-80 bin bags and 16 wheelie bins)
  • 12-cubic yard skips (fit 100-120 bin bags and 24 wheelie bins)
  • 16-cubic yard skips (fit 140-160 bin bags and 48 wheelie bins)

If you find yourself spoilt for choice when choosing a skip for your skip hire in Wigan, get in touch with us on 01942 597 358 and we will make sure you order the right one for your project.

How to load your skip?

When loading your skip, you need to be mindful of weight restrictions. We only accept level loaded skips to make sure materials don’t slide out of the skip when we transport it to the nearest sorting facility on the back of our fleets.

Unfortunately, not everything can go in the skips we provide for skip hire in Wigan, but the team at Wigan Skips are always on hand to help and can clarify what can and can’t go in skips.

Now you know the basics for skip hire in Wigan, all that’s left to do is book your skip for a time that’s most convenient.

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