What Size Skip Is Needed For A House Renovation?

If you’re undergoing a home renovation, have you hired your skip from Wigan Skip Hire? Here at Wigan Skip Hire, we have a complete range of domestic and commercial skips, offering suitability for an array of needs and wants.

Our domestic Wigan skips are perfect for home renovations, however, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before you make an impulsive decision for what size skip is best for you.

One of the main factors to take into account is the size of your property. This will have a huge impact on the size of the skip you will need for your renovation project; the bigger the project, the bigger the skip will need to be!

As well as this, you’ll need to think about the extent of your renovation, if you plan to empty your property and update it top to bottom, you will produce substantially more waste than you would if you were only renovating a few rooms within the property.

The domestic skips are suitable for various volumes of waste, make sure you choose the most suitable size skip today!

4-yard skips.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for skip hire Westhoughton or skip hire in Wigan, why not consider the 4-yard mini skip? This skip is perfect for all types of waste and is designed to hold up to 40 bin bags, 8 wheelie bins and 2 sofas!

The skips in Wigan are capable of holding a wide range of materials, generated from your house renovation, however, here at Wigan Skip Hire, we ask that you keep any hazardous materials out to prevent any compromise to the recyclables within the skip!

8-yard skips.

Again, these skips Wigan are suitable for all waste types, they’re ideal for the smallest objects as well as big, bulky products. The size of this skip is twice the size of the 4-yard skips, therefore its capacity is twice as big. With skip hire Westhoughton, you can bet that the 8-yard drop door maxi skip will store your waste reliably.

Our 8-yard skips in Wigan are designed to suit the requirements of any home renovations, they are even suitable for garden renovations- they make it easier to dispose of garden waste and sediments.

Should you need to know more about our domestic skips in Wigan, discuss your needs in detail with one of our experts today, call us on 01942 597 358.

12-yard skips.

What about something bigger? If you’re expecting your house renovation project to be massive, you’ll want to invest your money into one of the larger Wigan skips we provide, try the 12-yard skip.

This skip is only suitable for light materials only but can still facilitate up to 120 bin bags, 24 wheelie bins and 6 sofas. These skips come with a maximum fill level, we recommend you don’t exceed this guideline because you’re likely to overload your skip to the extent where it cannot be lifted by our specialist fleets!

16-yard skips.

Before you decide whether the 16-yard domestic skip for skip hire Westhoughton is right for you, you’ll need to choose where the skip will be stored overnight. The 16-yard skips Wigan are far greater in size than the 4-yard skips, they will take up a lot more room, therefore, you need to make sure that you can facilitate the extra space for your skip.

You must keep hardcore materials out of the 16-yard skips, these too are only suitable for light materials and have the ability to hold up to 160 bin bags, 48 wheelie bins and 8 sofas!

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