Tips on How to Keep Skip Hire in Wigan Safe

Tips on How to Keep Skip Hire in Wigan Safe

Now more than ever, the safety of both the general public and the service providers who interact with them is at the forefront of the collective public conscience.

Of course, at Wigan Skip Hire, we’ve always worked hard to keep our customers and team members safe – but in light of the recent pandemic, even we have had to step things up a little!

If you’re concerned about safety when arranging skip hire in Bolton or any of the surrounding areas, simply read on. We’ve put together some handy tips to help you.

1. Stay 1m+ Away From Team Members

The service providers at Wigan Skip Hire maintain social distancing themselves and always ensure that they wear masks and hand sanitiser when interacting with others. However, there will always be a risk when individuals from two different households meet.

For this reason, we highly recommend staying one metre plus away from any of our workers when they deliver or collect your container, for their safety and for your own.

2. Wear Gloves When Handling Waste

If you’re placing waste items in your skip by hand, be sure to use protective equipment. Rubble and debris can have jagged edges and may give you splinters or cut you.

What’s more, if you’re working on clearing out someone else’s property, there is always the risk of contact-based contamination if a member of another household has touched an item which you then remove directly afterwards.

3. Be Careful What You Put in Your Skip

While you can place almost anything into the containers provided during the process of skip hire in Preston and other nearby neighbourhoods, there are a few articles that we cannot safely dispose of.

These include solvents, liquids, wet concrete, special or clinical waste such as syringes, electrical items such as fridges, freezers, TV’s, computers and screens, gas, chemicals that are noxious or explosive, dangerous or offensive matter, batteries, tyres, paint, oil, asbestos, oil filters, bottles and plasterboards (unless they make up less than 10% of the load).

We may be able to remove these items for you if you contact us to request this specifically, but they cannot go in any of our skips.

4. Ensure Safe Access 

Our providers of skip hire in Wigan and other nearby localities require good access to any site they’ll need to visit to drop off or collect a container. While it’s not vital for you to be personally present during a delivery or pick-up, you need to ensure that our vehicles can safely get to the spot you have picked out.

5. Don’t Overfill Your Skip

Whether you’re arranging skip hire in Leyland, Bolton, Chorley or anywhere in the surrounding areas, you’ll be required to only fill your skip to the marked “fill line”, otherwise it will be unsafe to remove and transport.

Whether you require skip hire in Chorley, Preston, Wigan, Bolton, Leyland or any of the neighbouring areas, our team will be able to help you.

Simply give us a call on 01942 597 358 or fill in our handy online hire form and we’ll be able to give you a no obligation quote today for a hire period of up to three weeks.

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