Tips For Skip Hire In Wigan

Skip hire Wigan needn’t be a confusing process. It provides you with a solution that’s convenient and suitable for almost any project.

The skips we have available at Wigan Skip Hire are available in an array of sizes, including the 4-cubic yard skip. Our domestic skips are ideal if you’re renovating your property or having a clear out, they are surprisingly spacious and can accommodate large volumes of waste.

If you need any help and support regarding skip hire in Wigan, you can seek advice from our team of experts! Here’s how you can get the most out of skip hire:

Choosing a skip size.

The size of your skip is an important factor to take into consideration. We have an ideal skip for every project, ensuring that you have sufficient space to store your waste.

Here at Wigan Skip Hire, we can help you to save money and time by choosing the right size skip. Our advice to you is to carefully consider the volume of waste you expect to generate from your project. It’s better to slightly overestimate than underestimate when it comes to skip hire Bolton, hiring a skip that’s too small will mean you’ll have to pay for another skip to ensure that all your waste fits safely and securely.

Leaving skips on the road.

We prefer to leave our skips on driveways, keeping waste off the road and all in one place. If you’re updating your property, it’s handy to have the skip on your driveway because you don’t have to walk as far to dispose of your rubbish.

Don’t feel like you have to have your skip on your drive, you can leave it on the road if you have insufficient private land. If you plan to leave your skip on the road, you’ll need to obtain a permit that enables you to dispose of your waste using the skip that’s kept on the road.

Obtaining a permit.

OK, so if you’re looking for Wigan skip hire, and you want your skip to be delivered to the side of the kerb outside your home, you’ll have to visit Wigan Council. They’ll provide you with the relevant documentation that’s required for safe waste disposal in the Wigan area. Similarly, if you live in the Bolton area and you want to find skip hire Bolton, you’ll need to get in touch with the local authority in Bolton.

Skip hire in Wigan can incorporate the cost of obtaining a permit- it’s always a good idea to ask the experts, just to be on the safe side.

Being visible.

A skip that’s left on the road needs to be visibly clear. It has to be well-lit during the night ensuring that car headlights can easily pick it up before it’s too late and they drive into it.

Wigan Skip Hire can provide you with recommendations for making your skip more visible in periods of darkness, so should you need any more information, call 01942 597358 today!

Avoiding expensive fines.

Make sure you adhere to rules and regulations when hiring a skip from us at Wigan Skip Hire or Chorley Skip Hire! There are only certain materials that you can dispose of in your skip, and if you choose not to keep these out of your skip, you’ll be charged.

Hazardous waste is not to be thrown in your skip, it can contaminate the materials that are recyclable. The hazardous wastes can range from batteries, chemicals and oils to solvents, paints and pesticides. These will all harm the environment and need to be clearly labelled. We ask that you carefully dispose of these and if you need to know more about how to do so, feel free to speak to one of the experts at Wigan Skip Hire or Leyland Skip Hire!

When it comes to skip hire Wigan, you’re bound to find something suitable from our high-quality solutions! We can reduce the need for you to make unnecessary visits to the landfill site, allowing you to get on with your project!

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