What happens to waste put in skips?

Skip hire is one of the most convenient methods of waste disposal – saving you the hassle of making tireless trips to the local tip. Great for storing renovation waste, construction waste and garden waste, Wigan Skips can help you to dispose of unwanted materials quickly and easily. But what happens to the waste you put in skips?

The route waste takes generally depends on the skip hire company. Most companies, like us at Wigan Skips, take waste to a transfer station before they correctly dispose of it. However, some take it straight to landfill and fly tip waste which has a serious impact on the environment.

As soon as your skip is full, call 01942 597 358 and we’ll arrange to collect it from your site as soon as possible. We transport our skips on the back of our reliable fleets and make no compromise to safety. Our fleet drivers make sure that your skip is securely loaded onto our vehicles, ready to be taken to the transfer station.

What happens at the transfer station?

When waste from skip hire Bolton, Wigan, and surrounding areas is taken to the local transfer station, it’s emptied into a big pile and sorted into categories. Larger items are removed first, allowing you to sort the remaining items by handpicking operations and using magnets to extract metals.

The sorting process is vital as it determines what happens to skip hire Wigan waste and whether it will be reused to create new products in the future. Thoroughly sorting the contents of skips at transfer stations enables us to dispose of rubbish correctly and to recycle more.

What happens to the sorted materials?

Once everything has been organised into separate categories, some materials may still have value elsewhere and can be processed, reused or recycled.

Any garden waste and grass cuttings can be taken to special facilities where compost will be made and used for garden and landscaping projects in the future.

Aggregates – including construction waste like bricks, concrete, and glass – can be recovered and crushed. They can be sold on and used for construction work.

With the demand for scrap metal on the increase, metals found in skips are thoroughly sorted and separated so that they can be recycled and used for new products.

Here at Wigan Skips, we aim to recycle 90% of the materials from skips, and any materials that cannot be recycled or reused will be taken to the landfill site or incinerated as a last resort – making skip hire Wigan a sustainable disposal solution.

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