Why do you need a registered waste carrier?

Why do you need a registered waste carrier

Are you a homeowner planning to redecorate or renovate your property? Perhaps you’re looking to refit your business but not entirely sure what to do with the waste that is generated. For such instances, call upon registered waste carriers like us at Wigan Skip Hire.

Registered waste carriers have a license from the Environment Agency to dispose of large volumes of waste – making sure that it’s transported safely to the nearest sorting facility.

What happens if waste isn’t disposed of properly?

No matter what work you’re undertaking; you are responsible for disposing of waste. You need to make sure that it’s disposed of correctly and this is where Wigan Skips can help.

We don’t only offer skip hire Wigan, we accommodate for customers in various areas across the North West, ranging from Preston, Leyland and Chorley.

Anyone who doesn’t remove waste properly can be faced with a fine of up to £250,000 or, even worse, a prison sentence.

Our skip hire services make it easier for you – we dispose of unwanted materials on your behalf – aiming to recycle 80-90% of them.


When waste isn’t disposed of correctly, it has a significant impact on the environment. Waste that is dumped illegally can cause pollution in rivers – having a detrimental effect on wildlife too, which is why we offer skip hire Leyland, as well as skip hire in other locations.

If materials aren’t removed effectively, chemicals can damage soils – affecting the crops that are grown and eaten by many.


Not choosing registered waste carriers to deal with the waste your project generates compromises the quality of crops – providing a health hazard for those who eat crops that are grown.

One of the reasons why we offer skip hire Chorley and Bolton is to protect those in the local area – ensuring that soils aren’t contaminated and that waste is taken to the recycling centre where it is effectively disposed of.


If you, like most people, are looking to keep your skip hire Bolton costs down, look no further than Wigan Skips.

We deliver our skips to a location of your choice, at a time that is best for you, allowing you to clear waste as soon as it’s produced. As registered waste carriers, we save you a great deal of time, effort and money – taking care of waste that’s thrown in skips.

Hiring a skip is a great way to remove waste quickly and easily and Wigan Skips guarantee a hassle-free service every time.

Why choose Wigan Skips?

Whether it be skip hire Preston, Leyland or Wigan, it’s important that you choose registered waste carriers to handle rubbish.

Loading skips is easy enough, but disposing of the materials held inside requires careful attention and expertise. Registered waste carriers, like us, make sure that waste is separated into recyclables and non-recyclables – reducing the volume that’s sent to landfill.

Skip hire companies who aren’t registered waste carriers don’t empty and sort through skips. They tend to ‘fly tip’.

Wigan Skips are registered waste carriers who don’t illegally dump waste, we ensure high standards are maintained for all projects.

For more information about how we can help you, call us on 01942 597 358 today.

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